Mezzanine Flooring

Raised Storage Areas are and economical and fast way to increase your warehouse storage space. Mezzanine floorings can double your warehouses capacity. Floorings are designed to fit any building shape, and individually designed to suit your business operation.

Raised Storage Areas can be constructed with three different methods;

Mezzanine Floorings can be built over long span pallet racking with chipboard shelves or heavy duty steel shelving providing extra storage above and below the floorings. Mezzanine Floorings have the ability to create new space fast. A Flooring can be installed within a week, providing an alternative to moving premises or leasing additional warehouse space.

When designing a flooring, several options need to be considered, such as Staircases, Pallet Access Points, and what weight/products are going to be stored.


All floorings are Free Standing and are able to be dismantled. While Some Mezzanine Floorings are tailor made, they are able to be easily relocated or moved.

Mezzanines built from racking make use of warehouse space which would otherwise go unused. It can convert air space into valuable storage space, creating new manufacturing or office area at a fraction of the cost of new construction.


Pallet Racking

The Most common and cheapest method of building a raised storage area is using Pallet Racking. Floorings come in two standard heights of 2400 tall and 3m tall. A wide variety of Beam lengths allow floorings to fit any sized room. Floorings can have wooden or steel floor joists. Yellow Tongue or Ply Wood can be used as floorboards. And stair cases can be placed almost anywhere.

Using Pallet Racking to build a mezzanine flooring means that the space underneath the flooring is left largely open, with only the racking frames restricting access under the flooring.

Light duty beams with chipboard can be added to the racking frames below the
flooring to make additional shelves and providing extra storage.


Steel Shelving

Floorings are also able to be built on top of Steel Shelving.

The shelving bays are positioned in parallel runs with Isles of approximately 900. Floor joists are laid across the shelving.

This method provides maximum storage for small parts or other items stored on Shelving.

The top of the flooring can be left open for bulk storage, or filled with shelving units for additional storage.


Structural Floorings

Are used where minimum supports are needed, and clear un-interrupted floor space is required.

Structural Floorings are free standing and are able to have spans of up to 6m between support beams.

Floor heights are generally 2.4m tall or 3m tall.

Steel is prefabricated and is bolted together so the floorings can be dismantled or relocated.

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