2 Tier, Bank of 3 Lockers
[Half Lockers]
Single Clothes Locker 4 Tier,
Single Bank
[Lunch Locker]
8 Tier
Single Bank
[8 Compartment]

Lockers have been shaped to provide safe and secure personal storage, for work or at play.

The high quality metal construction includes welded door hinges and reinforced doors for years of reliable service.

A wide range of sizes and configurations means there is a locker model to suit every need.

Most lockers come with Ventilation slots, and some are available with sloping tops to ensure a clean, hygienic storage environment, kept secure by key locking.

All lockers feature a secure locking mechanism.

Depending on model, key locks are available in single point locking [locking only at the centre of the door], or 3 point locking [locking at the top, bottom and centre].

Latch Lock or hasp & staple mechanisms are an alternative lock option which dispenses with keys and allows the use of a padlock.

All lockers are 1800mm high x 450mm deep. There are two standard locker widths – 305mm and 375mm.

Lockers are available in two standard colours of Beige and Silver Grey.

Lockers can come in groups of two or three, called a ‘bank of lockers’.

There is a variety of different size lockers, and locker combinations that are available, including full lockers, half lockers and lunch lockers.

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