Selective Racking is used by most business’ to maximize their space and storage capabilities. Selective Racking allows quick and easy access to every pallet.

Pallets are able to be accessed by almost any fork lift and can be located, accessed and moved individually.

Selective Racking allows rapid handling of palletized goods. Each shelf level can be easily adjusted.

This means the racking can suit different pallet heights, and maximize all available space.


Selective Racking is free standing and very easy to assemble.

With Clip in beams and self-engaging safety locks.

Shelf heights are adjustable within 50mm intervals.


Selective Racking can either be single sided or back to back.

Each bay consisting of two pallets wide, with an initial free standing bay and adjoining or add on units.


Frame Height Frame Depths
1800 (6ft)

2100 (7ft)

2400 (8ft)

3050 (10ft)

3650 (12ft)

4200 (14ft)

4800 (16ft)

5400 (18ft)

6100 (20ft)

600 (2ft)


840 (standard Pallet)

900 (3ft)


1200 (4ft)

Other Sizes Available upon Request


Standard Beam Sizes Other Beam Sizes
1372mm (1 pallet wide)

1524mm (1 pallet wide)

2590mm (2 pallets wide)

2740mm (2 pallets wide)

1220 (4ft)

1829 (6ft)

2134 (7ft)

2433 (8ft)

3050 (10ft)

3650 (12ft)

Other Sizes Available upon Request
Note: Beam measurements are taken from the inside, i.e.
the distance between the uprights


The most common method of storing pallets is Selective Pallet Racking, ideal where flexibility, access and speed are the main objectives of the system. Selective Racking can also be easily adjusted or relocated at any time. Selective Racking is free standing and very easy to assemble.


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