There are a large quantity of Small part boxes of various shapes and sizes. As Second hand dealers, Malouf’s often encounter different types of boxes, they can be made from Plastic, Steel, or Cardboard. We commonly stock a variety of brands including;

  • Dexion Maxi Bins
  • Fisher Stor-mor Containers
  • Supra Plastic Parts Bins


Dexion Maxi Bins

The Maxi Bin design allows the bins to be securely stacked on top of each other and prevents the bin from splaying under load. Size P5 bins slot together for easy carrying. The P30 and P40 have recessed handholds, and the P60 has a removable zinc plated bar, which facilitates easy stacking of full bins.

Maxi Bins are a flexible small parts storage system with seven bin sizes, five colours and accompanied with louvered panels that enable you to design your own system. The Dexion Maxi range has bins that stack and bins that divide.


Louvered Panels

Louvered Panels are pressed steel panels designed to allow all sizes of Maxi Bins to hang in a high density, free configuration.

The lip on the rear of the bin seats over the louver of the panel, so that the bin sits securely on the panel. The bins can be easily removed when required. Louvered panels are available single sided which are wall mounted, or double sided which are free standing.

All panels are finished in grey, and are 457mm wide. Single sided panels are available in three heights; 457mm tall, 900mm tall and 1840mm tall. Double sided free standing panels are available in two heights; 1375mm and 1840mm.


Fischer – Small Parts Storage and Handling System

Stor-Pak Containers

Fisher’s parts storage containers are available in six sizes from 0.5 litre to 24 litre, to accommodate small bits as well as bulky items.

Angled fronts provide easy access.

Special Louvered panel grip at the back of each Stor-Pak Bin ensuring the bin sits strongly and securely onto the panel.


STOR-PAK 63 – With 3 Drawers.
Made from High Impact Styrene

  • Stackable
  • Fits on Stor-Pak 60
  • Unique safety latches
  • Fits onto louvre panel
  • Two removable dividers in each drawer
  • Grey outer/blue trays
  • Handyperson, Tradesperson, Office, Home, Work Vans


Fischer – Spare Parts Trays

Fisher spare parts trays come in many different sizes, and have adjustable plastic dividers.

Sizes that are available;

100 x 100 x 300mm
100 x 100 x 400mm
100 x 100 x 600mm
200 x 100 x 300mm
200 x 100 x 400mm
200 x 100 x 600mm




Supra Plastic Parts Bins

Supra Plastic Parts Bins are the ideal way to store small fiddly components in a neat orderly manner. Available in 2 colours – red and blue. Supra Plastic Parts Bins can be stacked on top of one another or fitted to louvre panels.

Supra Bins are manufactured in 7 sizes:
A1 60mm High x 100mm Wide x 125 Deep
A2 85mm High x 100mm Wide x 170 Deep
A3 125mm High x 130mm Wide x 220 Deep
A4 143 mm High x 178mm Wide x 290 Deep
A5 145mm High x 363mm Wide x 290 Deep
A6 145 mm High x 180mm Wide x 440 Deep
A7 215 mm High x 400mm Wide x 435 Deep

Silver Grey Louvre Panels are available in 2 sizes:
455mm W x 610mm H
455mm W x 914mm H

Bin fronts are angled for easy picking access and have space for labels.
Side-to-Side or Back-to-Front dividers are available for A4, A5, A6 & A7 bin sizes


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